GATHER Industrie is the German company founded in 1965. The company is specializing in manufacturing high-quality magnetic-drive gear pumps and quick-disconnect couplings for piping and hose lines. With 50 years of experience in processing stainless steels and all kinds of special alloys the company can provide solutions and products for all applications operating with all kinds of fluid used in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, process engineering, the medical field, plant construction, and food processing facilities.

Kinematica AG is the Swiss company founded in 1962. The company is focusing on engineering instruments and machines in the field of dispersing technology for research facilities, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic and food industries. In addition to rotor/stator homogenizers, company also offers cutting and hammer mills, overhead stirrers, viscometers, temperature and pressure monitoring devices, as well as the accessories necessary to perform the requested application.

JSC Germanium is the modern and high-tech Russian manufacture with longstanding history. The main activity of Enterprise is production of Germanium and its compounds.
JSC “GERMANY” produces a wide range of Ge products:
—Germanium tetrachloride GeCl4;
—Germanium dioxide of different marks GeO2;
—Germanium polycrystalline zonerefined;
—Metallic germanium in the shape of granules and powder;
—Germanium blanks of different shapes for optical applying;
—Germanium monocrystalline for other applying;