The Highest-end Tabletop SEM

Premium version of high-end Table-top SEM, 4500M Plus with Floor-top SEM’s resolution
Multi Detector

Cost-effective Table-top SEM with Max. 150,000x of magnification by miniaturizing modules.
Able to scan images with high resolution of 5nm by installation of variable aperture with ease of use

Able to use for Quality control, R&D and education purpose with various detectors which create surface information images (SE), and material information images (BSE)

SE (Secondary Electron)
▷ Create images with the height level information. Mostly used for surface inspection

BSE (Back Scattered Electron)
▷ Create images with material information (Elements)

Motorized Stage
(Fully motorized)
Auto Setting
Focus, Contrast, Brightness
Navigation Mode
Top View CCD Camera

The only Table-top SEM of which has 5-axis, enables unlimited movement of stage
Easy and convenient image acquisition possible with “Click & Move” which is one of features of Motorized stage
Able to get images of variable angles via Tilting -45°~90°, and easily analyze EDS

“Tilting -45˚ to 90˚ degree”
Electron System
ResolutionPlus A: 5nm (30kV, SE Image)
Plus B: 5nm(SE), 8nm(BSE)
Accelerating Voltage1~30kV (1/5/10/15/20/30)
DetectorPlus A : SE(Secondary Electron)
Plus B : SE/BSE(back Scattered Electron) *Dual Detector
Electron GunPre-centered Tungsten Filament Cartridge
Stage System
Stage TraverseX : 40mm, Y : 40mm, R : 360˚, Z : 0 to 40mm, T : -45 to 90˚
5-axis Motorized
Max. Sample Size80mm in Diameter x 35mm in Height
Image System
Automation FunctionAuto Start, Auto Focus
Image FormatBMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF
Vacuum System
Vacuum ModePlus A : High Vacuum
Plus B : High & Low Vacuum(Multi)
Vacuum PumpRotary Pump / Turbo Molecular Pump (Full Automation)
Main Unit390(W)x380(D)x560(H)mm, 88kg
Controller Unit390(W)x325(D)x560(H)mm, 37kg
Rotary Pump400(W)x160(D)x340(H)mm, 24kg

EDS System

Ion Sputter Coater